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Industrial Blockchain, Introducing Transparency to Supply Chains

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Tradechain technology can be track any production processing and carries a unique identifier which is difficult to destroy or replicate.
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Buy a smart contract farming, Building a connection between farmers and consumers to fundamentally reform the contract farming system.
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Real estate crowdfunding connecting investors to professionally managed commercial real estate investment opportunities. Through crowdfunding, investors can invest in individual properties, allowing for added transparency and control over investment selection and location.
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A better understanding of what's in the food we eat and where it comes from. Tradechain can revealing the provenance of a product to everyone involved from originator to end user.
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Every enterprise is now a blockchain company, you can synchronize products and services, monitor inventory, send invoices directly to blockchain, purchasing of raw materials, manufacture and sell.
Determining the amount of working capital needs, we are global citizens and investors at your backoffice.
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Tracking of pharmaceutical products has been identified as the only way to effectively improve security and combat counterfeiting. Tradechain provide solutions to track pharmaceuticals throughout the blockchain and to ensure the consumers receive an authentic product.
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We are happy to announce our partnership with 12Baskets, Miracle Cultural & Creative, the biggest agronomic products & crafts in eastern Taiwan.
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Asset Securitization, as all kinds of value exchange can be hosted on the blockchain, ability to make everything a tradable asset. Includes stocks and bonds, commodities, digital currencies, vouchers, gift card.
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